Update Personal Details

Updating your details on Beacon

All to often we have email returned with “Address Unknown” when a member has changed their email address so it is a huge help to our volunteers if details such as email address and telephone number(s) are kept up to date. Keeping details up to date means you won’t miss reminders about Friday Talks, the AGM, etc

Updating your details is really simple, all you need are the following details:

  • Forename and Surname as used when you joined the U3A (proper capitals as shown here)
  • U3A Membership Number
  • the email address used when you last renewed or updated your details
  • Your Post Code

When you have the above information to hand click on the Beacon Portal link and follow the instructions.

While in Beacon you can also add a ‘Known as’ field. For instance, if your first name is Bert but you prefer to be known as John then you can enter John in the ‘Known as’ box

Should you find you can’t log in, check the capitals in your name, your email address spelling and that your postcode is in upper case with only one space, these are the most frequent areas of error.

 If you need your Membership Number or more information please contact the Membership Secretary.