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[Solved] Zoom contacts

Rosemary Bayley
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When using Zoom why is my default email not Outlook which I use?

Also, why are some of my contacts shown in the group 'my contacts', while others I have zoomed with are not, which means I have to put their email addresses in each time?

Alan Day
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Have a look at your zoom profile it may have the wrong email address set up. Or if you login using your Facebook/Twitter account this may default the email type. Alan

Bob Fearnley
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it is possibly a Windows and not a Zoom problem as Windows needs to know which application to use as the default.   Click on the Windows Icon in the bottom left of your screen, type Default. Click on the 'Default Apps' icon that pops up.  If Outlook doesn't appear under the 'Email' heading you can click on the current entry and select an alternative.

[Edit]  A subsequent TeamViewer session proved the above to be the case.  The default email app was set to 'Microsoft Edge' and not 'Outlook'.

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