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Trouble finding an App

Glenn Palmer
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My wife & I recently had a new shower installed, and one of the benefits of this shower is that you can control it from your mobile phone, however I am unable to find the App on any of our smart phones.
The shower is supplied by a company called Aqualisa and according to their instruction booklet you need an iPhone I6 or later ( which we have ) and using the IOS software later than 10.1 ( we using version 14.4 ) - when I search the App store advises it cannot be found.
The strange thing is that our daughter has an Android Samsung phone and she is able to locate the App on the Play store.
Could you kindly advise your thoughts on this matter.
Many Thanks in advance for your kind help in this matter and I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind Regards,
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Alan Day
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I have an Iphone 8 with IOS 14.4

When I searched for Aqualisa the app appeared to get. Are you getting any error messages