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Printer Paper Jam

Jennifer Bywater
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I have a canon MX 535 which says I have a paper jam error 1303.

I have cleared the paper, and checked the back and front but it still says I have a jam. Turning the machine off and on has made no difference. Any ideas?!

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Bob Fearnley
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Ah, paper jams, one of my favourites!

This problem seems to happen quite a lot, I suggest you get a torch and some tweezers then peer deep down inside all the openings you can find.

Most often the problem is a tiny piece of paper tucked away in a corner somewhere, caught in one of the switches that detect the paper jams.   I've had pieces as small as 10mm x 5mm cause this problem, on the other hand I've retrieved paper clips, pen tops and even whole pens from the paper feed path!

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