What is a Blog

Blog Overview

We now have an option for group leaders or helpers to post reports or information about their groups directly to the website. We call these posts blogs. You can see the most recent post here.

The organisation of our blog posts.

Posts are organised under Categories which can cover a range of group activities. A subscriber to a category will be notified by email when there is a new post to be seen in that category. A subscriber to an author (which in most cases is a group leader) will be notified when they make a new post. Some authors will also allow you to make comments about their posts. You need to log in to the website in order to subscribe or make comments.

The Basics:

  • Categories can cover more than one group and information about a group activity might be found in more than one category.
  • An author is usually a group leader and their blog posts will usually just cover the activity of the group they lead. However, their posts may be found under several categories.
  • Tags:  Where a group leader has more than one group, posts for the group in which you are interested can be found by in by looking under tags and choosing the tag matching the name of the group or the topic covered.

For more information about what a blog is and to help you with the terminology, read the post ‘Blogs in a nutshell