Singing for Fun Group

Everybody can sing! You probably sung at school – yes, I know it’s difficult to remember, but I’m sure you did; everybody did in those bygone days – or perhaps you sang in the church choir – I’m certain you sing at home, even if only in the bath or shower – or while you listen to the radio or cd player or Spotify or amazon music or whatever – Oh yes you do; I know you sing along with the songs you know, and probably some that you don’t know!

The members of our Singing for Fun Group certainly do – sing along I mean.

We meet from 10 to 12 noon, every Tuesday morning, at The Chichester Hall, Petworth Road, Witley, GU8 5PL, and we’ve got people from all walks of life who get together to have fun and sing their hearts out. Some read music – most don’t – but we all get along together and make a wonderful sound.

What do we sing? Well, pretty much a bit of everything – songs from stage musicals and films – a bit of ‘pop’ (well – our ‘pop’ anyway) – folk songs – rock ‘n’ roll – country – gospel – quirky – sacred – classical – just about everything you can think of – if we think we can do it, we do it. It’s very much song and laughter all the way.

And we entertain – we usually put on an event at Christmas, another around Eastertime, and another in the summer – all for something to aim at – to give a purpose to our efforts. In fact, we’ve got one coming up on Palm Sunday, when we sing a seasonal presentation of songs – not the usual Easter music, but stuff from around the world – and we have a guest violinist and some members of the Lammas Ringers joining with us to create a programme with a difference.

Curious? There’s only one way to satisfy your curiosity, and that’s to come along and see. It’s in the church at Church Road, Milford – no, it’s not a religious service – it’s at 2.30 on the afternoon of Sunday 10 April. And you don’t have to pay to get in either! Just turn up on the day and enjoy an hour or so of light hearted song.

And if you want to make a donation on the way out, that’s up to you – nobody’s going to twist your arm or anything else – whatever you give all goes to the upkeep of the church, and it saves us from paying a hire charge! Clever, innit?

See ya there!!!

Go on! You know you want to!!