Cycle Monday – first ride of the new seaon

Monday 27th September was scheduled as the first ride of the new season. When I sent a message to the group saying I was happy to lead the ride, all I received in return were varying forms of: “Sorry, can’t make it”. Thinking I would be going alone I received a last minute call from Malcolm asking if he and Chris could join in, neither being members of the Monday group although both are Milford U3A members.

We met at the Rodbourgh Common car park at 2:30 and set off, me with only pedal power, Malcolm and Chris both on electric mountain bikes! We did a ride that they know well and one that I’ve done a couple of times: From the Rodborough car park, across the commons to the A3 bridge at Thursley and back across Witley common. When we reached Webb Road near the NT Witley Centre they went off to the right, headed for home whilst I worked my way back the car park. Approx 6 miles and exhausting but lots of fun!

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