Baby Boomer Radio

How many of our U3A members would be considered to be Baby Boomers (born 1946-63)? How many of those have, like a number of media writers, become disenchanted with the program content of BBC Radio 2? I have read several articles recently, all complaining that Radio 2 is now aimed at an audience with an age range of 18-30 and that the Baby Boomers are being ignored.

I have to say that I agree and now rarely listen to the babbling on Radio 2. What is the option I hear you ask? On Friday 19th Feb I read a piece extolling the virtues of Boom Radio, aimed squarely at our age group. Launched only recently there are some rough edges but the music selection played leaves Radio 2 out in the cold! Only available on DAB in some big cities at present so why not listen on-line using a computer, tablet, laptop or smart phone? Here is just one independent review on the Radio Today website.

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