Murphy’s Law

We’ve all heard of ‘Murphy’s Law’ which, in it’s most basic form, is: “If a thing can got wrong, it will”. A slightly more specific version runs “If a thing can go wrong, it will – during the demonstration”. I’ve know the first version since I started work in electronic engineering in the 60’s. During my first trip to the USA in 1973 I spotted an article in an engineering magazine that expanded that law in so far as it affects engineering. It is somewhat dated now and rather biased to electronic engineering but it is nevertheless very accurate and quite amusing. I particularly like clauses 2.6, 4.7, 4.13, 4.32 & 4.33 and 5.6. Read the whole document here:

‘The Contributions of Edsel Murphy to the Understanding of the Behaviour of Inanimate Objects’

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