Charging your phone

Most smartphones these days are charged via the ubiquitous Micro USB connector, but did you know there is another way?
My wife and I both have Samsung Galaxy phones and we’ve had some trouble getting the phones to charge reliably and the reason is not the phone but the USB cable. We find that after a while the cable no longer makes reliable contact with the phone socket and you need a new cable. The other sign of trouble is where you have a Fast Charger with your phone, this works well, charging your phone much faster than a standard charger – until the cable begins to fail when first the charger won’t work at the ‘Fast’ rate and then unreliably at the standard rate – all very frustrating!

Step forward wireless charging. Many modern phones can be charged wirelessly using a special base unit and this is what we have adopted. The basic charger looks like this and plugs into a standard phone charger.

The phone(s) simply sit on top, no connection needed! This means no more failing Micro USB connectors and less wear and tear on the phone’s socket. This unit will charge two phones at once.

Phone on the charger
one phone on charge

Highly recommended! But check to see that your phone supports wireless charging before splashing out. The charger shown cost me £21.

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