Digital Technology Support

A few of the members of Mike Blewett’s former ‘Linux’ and ‘GIMP’ groups (that are no more due to Mike’s retirement) thought we ought to have group that appealed not only to Milford’s computer Nerds but also to any and all members that had a technology problem they couldn’t solve. Covid 19 hasn’t helped us get this going as we can’t meet so we’ve had to think laterally!

We are pleased to announce the formation of the Digital Workshop group, starting with about 30 interested members, of whom some seven are putting themselves forward as ‘experts’, or at least fairly experienced in one or more technologies. We hope eventually to have real meetings for our members to get together and chat over coffee, a place were we can welcome those less experienced to bring in their problems. Until that happy day we are limited to what we can achieve on-line, more on this below.

When we say ‘Technology’ we are mainly thinking of problems with computers, software, laptops, tablets and smartphones, so, ask and we will see what we can do to help. But don’t let this list limit you! I know we all have lots of experience in different areas (eg photography) and I’m sure there is more squirrelled away amongst the general membership, perhaps we can tap into that too.

As a part of the new website we have included a Forum where registered members can post problems or ‘how do I’ questions about technology which, hopefully, one of our experts or other members can answer or advise. We can also set up private Zoom calls if required and offer remote control services using a tool called TeamViewer.

Before I close I’d like to propose a huge Vote of Thanks to Mike Blewett who has helped quite a few members move on to Linux from Windows and also learn how to do some clever editing of photographs and other images.

Thanks for taking the time to read this far, The Tech Team