Ukuleles of the Third Age at Rowley’s

The fortnightly “Ukuleles of the Third Age” sessions are going really well with over 30 members, averaging 25 attending each session. We have enormous fun playing & singing all types of music (rock’n’roll being particularly popular), plus being a fun social occasion, which is evident from all the chatting during the 20 minute tea/ coffee break. In 4 years we’ve been fortunate enough to be invited to do well over 30 gigs (performances), mainly at Day Centres, Nursing Homes, Hospital, etc, & recently ventured further afield to Cranleigh, where we’ve been invited again to perform. Usually 9 – 14 join me on these jolly occasions.

The ukulele is a wonderful little instrument & a delight to play, & it’s really not difficult to learn the basics. We have a bass ukulele player, a percussionist & a guitarist, & almost any instrument is welcome – just let me know if you’re interested.


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