Ian Honeysett

Ian is a long standing member who provides a lot of background support to the committee.

In July 2015 a small group of authors & would-be authors met together for the first time in The King’s Arms Hotel in Godalming. We had a mix of writing experience: a couple had self-published books whilst others had long-forgotten first drafts in bottom drawers somewhere. We were brought together by a shared love of writing and the knowledge that it can be a very lonely business. We discussed the pain of staring at a blank page (or screen) for hours in the hope of inspiration. And the numerous cups of tea or coffee when it failed to arrive.

After numerous meetings, the idea arose of actually writing a book together. But what sort of book? We all had very different literary interests from historical to humorous to fantasy to steam punk and beyond. And then inspiration struck: why not a book of short stories all linked, in one way or another, to our home town of Godalming? We would call it: “Godalming Tales” (as that title didn’t appear to have been taken).

It took a year or so to produce some 20 stories. There was quite a mix of tales: electric street-lighting (which Godalming pioneered), the Tsar of Russia’s visit and, of course, the teddy bears that live on the Llamas lands. Then we had to turn it into an actual e-book and paperback. And, hopefully, sell a few copies. Fortunately, we managed to persuade a couple of local shops to stock it and even did an evening of dramatic readings for a local Rotary Club where we sold a few copies.

Inevitably, we decided on a follow-up, imaginatively entitled “Godalming Tales 2”. We moved to the Jack Phillips pub and our numbers slowly increased. After a year or so, we had 14 authors and had written around 30 stories – even more varied than before. Jack Phillips of Titanic fame features as a person as well as a pub. There’s the odd murder or two, that Rabbit Woman and several teddy bears of course. It’s available as an e-book and a paperback in a rather dramatic blue. Just visit: https://amzn.to/2F6DNfY

We have our own Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/GodalmingWritersGroup/, and are now hard at work on Godalming Tales 3 which we hope to publish next year.